Protection of smart devices


Cyberattacks affect devices that are not widely known to be connected to the Internet. For IoT (Internet of Things) smart electronics, we have developed our own operating system - firmware - with advanced functions usable for control units in smart buildings, industry 4.0 and more.

What can we provide you with?

Security - we develop the system with maximum emphasis on security without preset passwords

You save - no need to purchase additional licenses for communication protocols and libraries

Firmware features

Support for a large number of communication protocols (Bacnet, Modbus, MQTT, COAP, LonTalk, Haystack, Arcbeam, OPC UA, and more)

Robust and secure firmware for edge devices designed to collect, process and analyse data

Firmware built on top of Project NERVES - Elixir + BEAM VM (Erlang VM)

Custom implementation of Haystack server

Custom implementation of Sedona VM

Ability to act as a DDC (Digital Direct. Controller)

Clustering support

System updates without downtime

Implementation process

We design
We install
We provide ongoing updates

We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information

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leafclick s. r. o.
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